Video Sales Letter Copywriting

Video sales letter copywriting that informs, entertains and motivates your audience is key to creating actionable content. Video sales letters (or VSLs) make it easier for you to share compelling content that helps persuade your intended audience to take action, using a highly popular type of media – video – that everyone enjoys consuming.

A video sales letter script follows the same 3 basic steps traditional sales copywriting does. First you define the problem your prospects are experiencing. Next, you agitate them even more by citing specific examples that they can personally relate with. Finally, you identify the solution to their problem and offer it to them for purchase.

VSLs can be of various lengths depending upon the type of product or service you’re offering and how steep you expect buyer resistance to be. The more complex and costly your offering’s price-point, the longer your VSL scripts tend to be. My personal rules of thumb for VSL length is explainer videos for product trials, demos or lead gen are limited to between 1-5 minutes, while videos produced to create direct sales can range between 10-24 minutes.

One video sales letter copywriting example.

Below is a one-minute explainer VSL script I wrote and produced using an AI-generated spokesperson to quickly educate prospective clients about a digital image advertising service:

It’s helpful to remember that a video sales letter script tends to follow the same copywriting structure that direct response sales copy uses, although in a tighter, more condensed form. This particular VSL is embedded on a long-form sales landing page that offers discounted digital image display retargeting services to small-to-medium sized local businesses. The goal of the video is quickly educate visitors about the nature of the retargeting service and then persuade them to take action and scroll down the page see see the actual offer.

In the end, video sales letters should be written to fascinate, inform, persuade and motivate viewers to take action. Conversion actions may include clicking a link to send them to a landing page with your offer, filling out a form to download a free gift (aka lead magnet), or call a sales representative. A closing call-to-action should make it very clear to the viewer exactly which step they need to take next.

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